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1982 Liu Sheng was born in JiuJiang, Jiang Xi

2006 Graduated from the Guangzhou academy of fine arts, master’s degree

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Segment – solo exhibition of liu sheng’s oil painting, Finland

2015 Pieces of paper – solo exhibition of liu sheng’s oil painting, Guangzhou

2017 To justify the fragment – solo exhibition of liu sheng’s oil paintings, Beijing

Representative works

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Talking with a friend

LIU: What is the original drive of the creation of contemporary arts?

WU: The splendid world will leave any canvas blank?

LIU: Do you see the potential of establishing a concretization method in the Chinese context?

WU: Can we really differentiate the ideas of ‘vision’ and ‘view’?

LIU: Spectators, art pieces and artist developed the first work logic in art. Criticisms, in addition to those factors, developed the second work logic. Spectators, art pieces, artist and the market developed the third work logic. What will the fourth work logic be in the future then?

WU: Art will become a productive work. Should we say this is the nature of human species, or an ultimate destination? Do we really consider all logics in the art field plausible when we talk about the Artworld of Gorge Dickie?

LIU: Arts are the fragments of art pieces, or vice versa?

WU: Just like the awakening of dreams, can we tell which is the real dream?

LIU: Artists are the dictators of vision, the miners of vision, or perhaps the freedom of all free men?

WU: We are all birds of passengers to the world. We are grateful for the creation of lights, allowing us to change maybe a little of the visual traits without wills like that of the ants. Thereby sharing our accomplishments and joys with others. Thank you, lord. We will ask for nothing else, but to keep this precious freedom eternally. Please grant our desire and not to withdraw. Amen.

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