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Au coeur de la lumière

"Studying light not in the representation of objects, but in the assembly of colors. I feel like I'm putting my colors down on a score that the audience's eyes are going to let him or her sing. To achieve this result, we must know the deep architecture of light, this is my discovery that could not be done without the technical means of the 21st century."

Christophe Giral in A New Art of Colors

Christophe Giral was born in Algiers in 1960.

From 15 years old begins his artistic training in Montpellier (drawing).

Fine Arts Toulouse from 1977 to 1982: multidisciplinary training (sculpture, engraving, painting).

From 1985, he definitively opted for oil painting and all of his production was sold in galleries in Toulouse and Montpellier until 2008.

From this date he works on the development of the hyperchromatism and the writing of his book: "A new art of color". His research re-establishes the subtle relationships between colors and spots, allowing him to transform any motif into a symphony of colors and spots.

His works exhibited


Here you will find the works of the exhibition at the gallery from 5 to 27 June 2020 which brings together all the work of more than ten years of the Toulouse painter who explores the world of light through the tools of the 21st century, and paints with the techniques of Renaissance. It combines the best we have today, without disdaining the legacy of the past, to offer unique, particularly vibrant views, without relying on extraordinary scenes. It is the art of light, of light as notes of music. With only color and writing both powerful and meticulous, at times even pointillistic, he creates a vibrant symphony, from any image of the Nature.

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  • 01_ouessant
  • 02_marion_a_la_plage_2
  • 03_plage_du_pouldu
  • 04_la_vague
  • 05_CalanqueCassis
  • 06_coquelicot
  • 07_les_coquelicots
  • 08_Pavot_rouge
  • 09_lCosmos
  • 10_Bord_de_chemin
  • 11_bosquet_fleuri
  • 12_Pavot_blanc
  • 13_arbre_hiver
  • 14_Vallée_dans_la_brume
  • 15_Arbre_brume
  • 16_Peuplier
  • 17_Arbre_d'automne
  • 18_La_reine_des_féès_2
  • 19_Automne_japonais
  • 19_Automne_japonais_detail1
  • 19_Automne_japonais_detail2
  • 20_Feuilles_d'automne
  • 21_panoramique_de_mezens
  • 21_panoramique_de_mezens_2
  • 22_Allee_jean_jaures_nuit
  • 23_Allee_jean_jaures_jour
  • 24_Petit_nocturne
  • 25_Vitrail_Chartre
  • 26_Marche_st_aubin
  • 27_Le_chapeau_noir
  • 28_Blonde
  • 29_Rose_2
  • 30_Le_pull_rouge
  • 31_profil
  • 32_coiffe_de_lumiere
  • 33_Lever_de_soleil_Venise
  • 34_Venise_Les_marionnettes
  • 35_venise_Embarquadere
  • 36_venise_Burano
  • 37_venise_ivresse_de_noe
  • 38_Le_passage
  • 39_Au_coeur_de_la_lumiere
  • 39_detail_1
  • 39_detail_2
  • 39_macro_1
  • 39_macro_2
  • 39_macro_3
  • 39_macro_4
  • 39_macro_5
  • 40_Rue_sous_la_neige
  • 41_Marche
  • 42_Queribus
  • 43_Les_pavots
  • 43_Les_pavots_detail
  • 44_roquefixade
  • 45_St_aubin
  • 46_Ruelle
  • 47_Baigneuse
  • invitation_Christophe_Giral_et_Annie_Couget-Galerie_Francis_Barlier_1
  • invitation_Christophe_Giral_et_Annie_Couget-Galerie_Francis_Barlier_2

Homage to nature or Hyperrealism according to Christophe Giral

Although he defends himself or rather claims an original approach and technique, Christophe Giral belongs to the current of hyperrealism, in other words he makes a painting where nature is rendered more realistic than life or more precisely the way the human eye perceives it.

Giral paints a floral or tree mass seen in close-up or a beach at low tide, a mountain landscape, or even an urban night scene, by means of very small dots of color that perceived from a distance constitute the image without this precise and meticulous technique being spotted.

The painter relies to do this on a theory of color and the chromatic circle quite complex and sophisticated that differs from the theories and methods of Chevreuil or Itten.

However, the result is stunning because it gives a striking impression of hyper reality slightly out of step with the photographic realism that nevertheless serves the artist as memory media. It is from this very shift that the original creative work is born where the know-how is combined with virtuosity.

Yves Kobry


photo bio

Christophe Giral

Born August 31, 1960 in Algiers

French Nationality

Christophe Giral comes from a family of artists: painters, musician and architect.

Very young, he developed aptitudes for drawing and painting.

In 1975, he began his apprenticeship in Montpellier in the "Chabanier Academy" for 2 years, drawing and painting.

In 1977, he was accepted to the entrance exam to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. After two preparatory years, he joined the sculpture workshop of Professor PAGES.

This does not prevent him from continuing to attend the painting workshop of Professor SCHINTONE with a passage in fifth year in the engraving workshop of Professor IZAURE.

This multidisciplinary training is found in his painting: the rigorous drawing of the sculptor, the sense of harmony of the colors of the painter and the finesse of the details of the engraver.

In 1982, he obtained the Regional Diploma of Fine Arts in Toulouse (sculpture section) with congratulations from the jury. The same year, he refused to pass the national DNSEP diploma representing the trend imposed by the Ministry of Culture at the time, too far, in his opinion, from real artistic training.

In 1982, a two-month trip to Canada allowed him to see the plurality of artistic approaches from the North American continent.

After a military service in the Navy, he worked from 1984 to 1989 in the decor workshop of the Théâtre du Capitole in Toulouse, as a sculptor-decorator: learning monumental art in painting and sculpture.

In 1985, he turned permanently to painting. He aspires to bring together in one art the drawing, the color and the understanding of space.

First exhibition in Toulouse in 1988 at the “Galerie Art Sud”, then the following year an exhibition at the “Galerie d'Aragon” in Montpellier which was a great success. Sales were at the rendezvous so that, for almost twenty years until 2008, the gallery (which will become the "Galerie de l'Ecusson" in 1994) will sell almost all of his pictorial production.

In 2005 he discovered the architecture of color (this discovery is at the origine of his book "A new art of color").

From 2005 to 2015, he explores the subject: practical development and formal structuring of his discoveries. A series of paintings with various themes testify to the richness of his investigations and show the universal character of this architecture of the visible.

From 2015 to 2019, layout, writing and illustration of a revolutionary book on color published by Ulisse editions in June 2019. This book presents the results of his theoretical and practical discoveries, a whole new approach to the system of color harmony which unifies drawing, color, light and space.


Exhibition at the “Galerie Francis Barlier” in Paris: presentation and dedication of the book “A new art of color”; 40 oil paintings and 7 watercolors shed light on the development of his art. Works of rare pictorial sensitivity that offer the viewer the perception of light and space.

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