Christophe Giral - Homage to nature or Hyperrealism according to Christophe Giral

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Homage to nature or Hyperrealism according to Christophe Giral

Although he defends himself or rather claims an original approach and technique, Christophe Giral belongs to the current of hyperrealism, in other words he makes a painting where nature is rendered more realistic than life or more precisely the way the human eye perceives it.

Giral paints a floral or tree mass seen in close-up or a beach at low tide, a mountain landscape, or even an urban night scene, by means of very small dots of color that perceived from a distance constitute the image without this precise and meticulous technique being spotted.

The painter relies to do this on a theory of color and the chromatic circle quite complex and sophisticated that differs from the theories and methods of Chevreuil or Itten.

However, the result is stunning because it gives a striking impression of hyper reality slightly out of step with the photographic realism that nevertheless serves the artist as memory media. It is from this very shift that the original creative work is born where the know-how is combined with virtuosity.

Yves Kobry

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