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Au coeur de la lumière

"Studying light not in the representation of objects, but in the assembly of colors. I feel like I'm putting my colors down on a score that the audience's eyes are going to let him or her sing. To achieve this result, we must know the deep architecture of light, this is my discovery that could not be done without the technical means of the 21st century."

Christophe Giral in A New Art of Colors

Christophe Giral was born in Algiers in 1960.

From 15 years old begins his artistic training in Montpellier (drawing).

Fine Arts Toulouse from 1977 to 1982: multidisciplinary training (sculpture, engraving, painting).

From 1985, he definitively opted for oil painting and all of his production was sold in galleries in Toulouse and Montpellier until 2008.

From this date he works on the development of the hyperchromatism and the writing of his book: "A new art of color". His research re-establishes the subtle relationships between colors and spots, allowing him to transform any motif into a symphony of colors and spots.

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