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Born in 1990 in China, she graduated from the École supérieure d'art du Nord Pas de Calais Dunkerque. She then continued her studies at the École supérieure libre d'art de Paris to obtain her doctorate.

Vice President of ASFEA
Member of the Société des Artistes français
Doctor in the history of art and painting

In recent years, his works have been widely collected by the Ministry of National Education ( France), as well as by museums, galleries and collectors in China and France.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions. ZHU Wenyu's works depict an inner realism. Her work reflects the fragility and rigidity of human nature and expresses not so much a recently experienced pleasure of sensation as an eternal chasm between hope and despair, separating the loving and the loved. But that is the paradox of this universe.

But that is the paradox of this artistic universe, close to the marvellous, to confront feelings of intense happiness and anguishing sensations. The painting is here like an evanescent representation of the unconscious and the fragility of life.

+33 768665539
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04/2022, Participation ART SHOPPING, international contemporary art fair at the louvre museum, Paris, France,
03/2022, participation in HOMESCAPES exhibition, EAC exhibition, Eac Paris - March De Art, Culture, Luxury
03/2022, participation in the planning and exhibition art - our universal language, spring group exhibition spring collective exhibition, galerie courtiers rive gauche, paris
02/ 2022, participation in the national exhibition Art Capital 2022 01-02/2022, Personal exhibition of the original of life the Athena gallery of the 13th district town hall.
10/2021, Exhibition Art our universal language, Galerie Etienne de Causans. Paris.
06/2021, Exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre Paris. 02/2020, Exhibition le Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture l'Eau, Grand Palais, Paris.
11/2019, Nature exhibition, Bridge Gallery, Suzhou, China.
10/2019, Exhibition at Kunsha 08/03/2018, Exhibition of works 3 m Sunshine International Museum f minine painting exhibition, P kin, China.
02/2018, Personal exhibition for Chinese New Year Al s, France.
04/2017, Exhibition of works Fra cheur de la lumiere by Chinese artists Forcalquier, France.
03/2017-04/2017, Exhibition of contemporary art MAG-Mediolanum Art Gallery. Padova, Italy.
01/2017-02/2017, Exhibition TROPOSPHERE, espace 6B, Saint-Denis, France.
05/2016, Exhibition for the night of the museum LAAC(Lieu d'Art et Action contemporaine de Dunkerque), Dunkerque.

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