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The Francis Barlier Gallery is an art gallery in Paris 8th area in the exhibition and sale of French CONTEMPORARY FIGURATIVE paintings. She exhibits in particular paintings by artists from the Paris School since the foundation. Its exceptional space allows it to present very large formats.

Random visit to the gallery, it is a series of favorites for works of known or less known artists with the desire to own them, to live alongside them for many years. What's more intimate and exciting than a real collection? Coups de coeur, free from fashion and the market, acquisitions of rencounters with images. Each work: painting, gouache, watercolor, drawing, each time it is a link with the moment of a life for a collector. The work, itself by nature, is unfaithful and will continue its life among different amateurs. For some, it will always be a story of love and emotion.

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Albert Hadjiganev

Photo Hadjiganev
Born in 1954 in Bulgaria,  he lives in France since 1982. Laureate of the famous Grand prix de peinture de l’Académie des Beaux Arts in 1991, his works is regularly exhibited in France, Europe and the United States... 

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Hugo Terracol

Hugo Terracol was born in La Rochelle in France in 1988. Graduated from the National Institute of Architecture in Nantes in 2011 and obtained the HMONP in 2014.

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Xiao Qing

Xiao Qing is an artist who lives and works in Paris. She studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China specializing in Chinese art. She has lived in Paris since 1991, currently vice-president of the Association of Calligraphy and Chinese Painters of France.

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