Jean-François Larrieu en solo : Lumières de vies | 生命之光 | Lights of Lives

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Date: 2021-01-07 14:00 - 00:00

Venue: Galerie FRANCIS BARLIER 36 Rue de Penthièvre Faubourg Saint Honoré 75008 Paris


Lights of Lives

Solo Exhibition of Jean-François Larrieu
Openning on July 7, 2021 at 4pm
Exhibition from 7 to 23 January 2021(Extended to Feburary 27
Please make an appointment for visiting by this page

     In his work, Jean-François Larrieu pays homage to nature and all the forms of life it contains. Its mode of creation is akin to a symbiosis with nature; like her, his painting is made up of a multitude of elements and energies found in each of our cells, throughout the world.

     This painting so personal and dreamlike, Larrieu uses it to convey a philosophical, humanist and environmental message. Fauna (natural and urban), flora are part of a "whole", a universe where each entity has its place.

     Larrieu thus underlines the richness of nature and the pure emotion it can give us. And this, in a desire to make man understand that he is only one of the elements composing the genome of the planet and therefore has an essential role in its safeguard.

Exhibited works will be shown here during the exhibition and can be ordered remotely


  • CALENDRIER_COUV 49 euros
  • FOULARD_Larrieu_BLU_NEW_78 euros
  • FOULARD_Larrieu_CIRCKE_78 euros
  • Manhattan 116cmx97cm
  • NEW YORK 130X97CM
  • PAPILLONS GOLD 110x110cm
  • Philodendron argent 150cmx150cm 2020
  • amazonie 162cmx130cm 2020
  • arbre de vie 162cmx130cm
  • butterfly gold 146cmx114cm
  • digigraphie Hong Kong
  • digigraphie Paris Tour Eiffel
  • digigraphie Sous le vent
  • digigraphie hypocampe
  • digigraphie les abimes
  • digigraphie love
  • digigraphie mer rouge
  • digigraphie océan jpeg
  • digigraphie sous le vent 2
  • digigraphie vol de papillon
  • exotique 140cmx140cm
  • hypocampe 130cmx97cm
  • les abimes 200cmx140cm
  • les dauphins 162cmx130cm
  • manhattan 146cmx114cm 2020 acrylique on cancas
  • pacifique 200x140cm



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